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Dorceta Taylor, professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment, talks about her new report about environmental groups’ failure to diversify.

Amazing follow-up article to one about a newly released report on diversity in the environmental movement. 

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Never heard anyone saying “Poc don’t care about the environment” especially considering how well known it is that a lot of present time’s environmental collapses has been due to greedy white men running poisonous businesses.

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The Danger of ‘Balanced’ Climate Science in the Media

The media, in attempting to offer “balanced stories” does a disservice to the public and policymakers by giving small handfuls of climate change contrarians significant attention despite the fact that nearly all climate scientists agree that climate change is underway and that it is human-caused.



When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time.

Esaw Garner, wife of asthmatic Eric Garner who was murdered by the NYPD on Thursday, July 17th for trying to break up a fight.

Black people can’t even try to be good citizens, even that’ll get you killed.

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As many as 100 passengers on board Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 were bound for the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, it emerged today. The disaster, which left 298 people dead, claimed the lives of some of the world’s leading experts in the battle against HIV and devastated their families, friends and colleagues. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, delegates arriving in Australia for the AIDS conference were told that 108 of their colleagues had perished.


This is so crazy.

That’s weird..


As plain as day, what we have been saying for years, the two state solution isn’t just dead for good, it was never even alive to begin with. Israel has never had any intention of allowing a Palestinian state, or Palestinians any crumbs of sovereignty, rights or freedom

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Revealed: US operating secretly in Somalia since 2007

American military advisers have been operating secretly in Somalia since around 2007, a revelation that shows the United States has had a presence in the African country for years without acknowledging the situation publicly.

The latest details provided by a Reuters report reveals that the American presence in Somalia stretches all the way back to the administration of George W. Bush, with advisers now stationed in multiple locations throughout the country.

When the United States announced in January that it had sent some advisers to Somalia back in October 2013, it was widely recognized as the first time American troops had been sent to the country since the “Black Hawk Down” operation in 1993. It’s clear now, however, that military officials have been there for several years, and a State Department official told the news service they now believe acknowledging their presence would not endanger their lives.

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so I was a big dummy the other day while on a nature walk and left my book “wherever you go there you are” which I was reading it for my anxiety and on/off depression and I was already half way through it and getting much needed perspective. but now I’m like :/ cause I lost it and someone else took it. whoever it was I hope it helps em like it was helping me. any way I’m hella fuckin broke and can’t re-order it and if you guys can help, donating would be amazing, thank you <3 any amount you can donate helps!


In Peru, environmental activism comes with a threat of death

Death threats, rape threats, smears and stigmatization by the media, confiscation of equipment, electronic and physical surveillance, police using excessive force and arrests. 

And that’s just the beginning: Once you’re arrested, you can expect law enforcement to charge you with “rebellion, terrorism, violence, usurpation, trespassing, disobedience or resistance to an official order, obstructing police officers, abduction, outrage to national symbols, criminal damage, causing injury, coercion, disturbance or other public order offenses including obstructing roads.”

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