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thanks to gentrification, they’re starting to push out / evict tenants who can’t pay the steeping rent prices, myself included. so I made this gofundme (or if you don’t feel comfortable using that there’s a paypal donation link in my blog) in hopes to save something for the eventual eviction or just to keep up with rent if we don’t get evicted. any contribution would help, thank you. pls boost if you can.

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A mother’s plea in Sacramento:

Warning to Parents of Teenage Daughters in Natomas Park: 

It is with disgust, heartbreak, and a need to protect all of the children in our community that I share this devastating news with you. 

Kevin David Basham, the nearly 26 year old man pictured below, is a cashier at the Raley’s Supermarket (store #4650) on Natomas Blvd. For several weeks earlier this year beginning in February, Basham flirted unabashedly with my child while we would shop for groceries. Although I made it clear to him that my child is only 15 years old, he pursued her vigorously. Lying about his true age, he convinced her to give him her phone number and initiated communication; Basham began texting inappropriate messages and pictures to her immediately and regularly. She reminded him that she was 15, yet he continued messaging her relentlessly. He stalked her at a restaurant. He has been on and inside the Inderkum High School campus to watch her rehearse for talent shows. He was even caught sneaking into my backyard where I met him with a flashlight to the face and instructed him to leave my child alone - at which point he threatened me with these exact words, “You can’t keep me from seeing her.” 

Raley’s and the Sacramento Police Department were made aware of his increasing sexual advances towards a minor child, ten years his junior, on March 30th. The police department informed me to call the emergency line if he ever showed up again. Raley’s ignored my multiple complaints. To this very day, Raley’s corporate office has failed to return a single phone call to me. 

Between March 30th and April 17th, Basham further manipulated my child into being his “special friend” and sexually assaulted her multiple times, taking her virginity and sending her into a downward spiral; she was diagnosed with having post traumatic stress disorder following the assaults by Basham. 

With evidence that I provided, and a confession from Basham himself, he was arrested by the Sacramento Police Department (XREF 4748043), booked into jail, and is being charged by the District Attorney with two counts of felony rape. The DA feels strongly there is enough evidence to have twelve jurors convict him unanimously. Basham posted bail a few hours after his arrest and remains free, as he is due his due process in the court of law. His case has been continued five times since his first court appearance in May, with the next hearing (to determine if he will accept the plea deal offered to him by the DA or set a trial date -yet again- ) scheduled for September 30. Basham continues to work for Raley’s as a lead cashier. He works in close proximity with young female customers from several nearby schools, including: Natomas Park Elementary, Natomas Charter, Natomas Middle, Inderkum High, Heron, and Natomas Middle. Additionally, he lives in an apartment near NP3 Charter Middle and High. 

I have remained incredibly quiet on this front since discovering that he sexually assaulted my child in mid-April, per the DA’s request so as to not compromise the case. I have even been asked by the DA to not shop at my local grocery store because it makes the perpetrator “uncomfortable.” Today, however, I feel compelled to share this heartbreaking news with each of you in an effort to protect your child from this predator. With school back in session, and knowing that many of our teenage daughters stop by Raley’s on Natomas Blvd. before and after school for snacks, it is important that they be aware of this dangerous person. 

Name: Kevin David Basham
DOB: 10/24/1988
Race: White
Height: approx. 6’2”
Weight: approx. 190lbs.
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Brown

It is far too late for me to protect my child, even though I did everything I could to prevent this tragedy from happening as it unfolded before me. If you shop at Raley’s on Natomas Blvd., please keep your teenage daughters near you at all times. Please protect your children from this predator. He is cunning, malicious, and a threat to our community.

PLEASE NOTE: Despite Basham’s confession to this crime, he is “innocent” until proven guilty. This message is intended to be informational only and not a character attack; hence the message containing only verifiable facts and not my personal opinions of this individual.

We’ve blacked out the mother’s name so as to protect the victim and her family, we’ve also bolded the mother’s intentions.



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If you see him, please let Cynthia or myself know.

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Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we’re nearing collapse
Graham Turner and Cathy Alexander, theguardian.com

Four decades after the book was published, Limit to Growth’s forecasts have been vindicated by new Australian research. Expect the early stages of global collapse to start appearing soon

The 1972 book Limits to Growth, which predicted our…

Again a signal that Club of Rome was right in the 70:s…

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The cameras scan at an extremely high rate, usually around 60 plates per second. Law enforcement policies vary widely concerning how long that information can be retained. Different agencies keep that data anywhere from a few weeks to indefinitely. Some cities have even mounted such cameras at their city borders, monitoring who comes in and out. Various jurisdictions disagree about whether individuals can access their own LPR records, much less a broader dataset.




oh look. She’s white.

#if something could function very well as nazi propaganda (even if it’s not) don’t believe it

they’re talking proportionality though, not actually saying she’s the most gorgeous being on the planet. Like idk what to tell you.

As if common POC features such as: eyes that are “too small”, lips that are “too big”, faces that are “too oblong”, noses that are “too wide” or “too long” etc. etc. don’t fit into the category of disproportionate…
As if what is considered proportionally acceptable isn’t heavily leaning in the European direction…





oh look. She’s white.

they’re talking proportionality though, not actually saying she’s the most gorgeous being on the planet. Like idk what to tell you.

As if common POC features such as: eyes that are “too small”, lips that are “too big”, faces that are “too oblong”, noses that are “too wide” or “too long” etc. etc. don’t fit into the category of disproportionate…

As if what is considered proportionally acceptable isn’t heavily leaning in the European direction…

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Remember when the police said this man shot himself while handcuffed in the back of their police car?

Turns out they were lying

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Al sharpton was an informant. Thats cray. How is he even allowed in any issues let alone be deemed a leader for the black community?

and Louis Farrakhan plaid a major role in the assassination of Malcolm X but people still fuck with him for some reason

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reminder to white followers: I’m not your psychologist or padre, don’t come to me with confessionals whenever you’ve seen, heard, experienced a racist act with a paragraph about it all and expect me to go read through it every time. I am also a person with mental limits and if you’re troubled enough about the experience then you should do something more active than dump all that shit on a black blogger already dealing with their own set of problems. if you think racism is disgusting and unbearable then don’t come tell me, go tell your whites cause they’re the ones who need to hear it. I’ve said it time and again, whites prefer to listen to other whites even in situations where they aren’t the real experts like on the subject of racism. if you really feel so strongly about racism and antiblackness why not organize among other white friends and help us out by informing and mobilizing other whites for antiblack racist issues. you’re literally doing nothing but adding to an already piling problem when you come to our inbox with this “I’m sorry”, “how do i not racist???” “do blacks human too?” bullshit, like go inform yourselves and then your close ones and do something besides use our personal spaces as your resource for emotional dumps and white guilt.


Cameroonian Footballer Dies After Being Hit By Thrown Object From Stands.

Tragic news as reports confirm the death of Cameroonian striker Albert Ebossé, 24, after being struck by an object thrown by spectators during a match between his team JS Kabylie and USM Alger in Tizi Ouzou in Algeria.

Ebossé had scored a goal leading to his club’s victory over Tizi Ouzou and was hit at the end of the game when players were making their way to their changing rooms. He was rushed to hospital but was later declared dead.

It is unclear what the object was that hit him but some local newspapers reported that fans of the losing side had thrown rocks at Ebossé and teammates in anger. After having signed with JS Kabylie in July 2013, Ebossé became the leading scorer in the Algerian league during the 2013-14 season with a total of 17 goals.

An investigation is due to be carried out into the circumstances surrounding his death by the Ministry of Interior and Local Government.

Such a tragic and unnecessary loss. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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