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Global Coal Usage Reaches 44 Year High

Earlier this week, BP issued its annual “Statistical Review of World Energy" report. According to the report, coal was the fastest-growing fossil fuel worldwide last year, and "coal’s share of global primary energy consumption reached 30.1 percent, the highest since 1970". Despite a decrease in coal usage by North America and Europe over the past several years (due in large part to cheaper natural gas), global coal consumption has risen to new highs, driven by the growing and power-hungry markets of China and India. And, as might be expected, worldwide carbon emissions grew again last year, by another 2.1 percent. Despite increasing urgency from the scientific community to reduce carbon emissions to head off climate disaster, and the small but growing use of renewable energy sources, coal appears to be the fuel of choice at the moment, and predictions are that its usage will continue to rise. 

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it’s sad that all they have to do is show our faces in order to strike fear into other people. that we don’t even have to try and look menacing for someone to find us scary looking and worth being shot or hunted down like an animal. we could be the most loving fathers, brightest teachers/students, and they’ll still figure out a way to make it seem as though we had every bit coming to us for existing while black.

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In World Cup Spotlight, Amazon Tribes Call for End to Deforestation

Chief Raoni Metuktire, head of the Kayapò indigenous group from the Xingu region, deep in the Amazon rainforest, sits in a packed lecture hall in London. With his jutting lip plate and large feather headdress, the elderly, gently-spoken tribal leader is an imposing presence.




Reminder: I’m always on the lookout for poc + black people in Science/STEM articles, posts, or even well written pieces/ opinion pieces to feature on to #Science. So if you’ve seen such articles and think it’s not already featured please send me a link to it via fanmail so I can check it out and feature it if I have any features left or the article meets the guidelines. The importance of doing this is there are not a lot of editors in the Science section who are actively representing poc in science (many do it once in a blue moon to meet their representation quotas among their white supremacist science) so we can make a slight difference by pointing to the articles floating around that deserve some recognition in the science tag. You never know what article featuring a poc you shared was the one that incited some little kid who’s hardly represented the desire and passion to do the science necessary for a better future.



White people making racist jokes like this and telling PoC to “calm down because it’s just a joke” but they better calm the fuck down because everyon knows that there’s nothing that gets them more fired up than pointing out that they’re white.

The absent black father myth was disproved any way so white people/ antiblack latinx are just talking out of their ass at this point.

In fact, in its coverage of the study, the Los Angeles Times noted that the results “defy stereotypes about black fatherhood” because the CDC found that black dads are more involved with their kids on a daily basis than dads from other racial groups: [x]


Follow and submit to the blog shitracistteacherssay .

This is a safe place for POC who are experiencing similar issues in school pertaining to racial hierarchies.

They are a new blog and need your support!

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Judge Orders NSA To Stop Destroying Government Surveillance Evidence — For The Third Time

A federal judge has ordered the government to stop destroying National Security Agency surveillance records that could be used to challenge the legality of its spying programs in court.

U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White’s ruling came at the request of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is in the midst of a case challenging NSA’s ability to surveil foreign citizen’s U.S.-based email and social media accounts.

According to the EFF, the signals intelligence agency and the Department of Justice were knowingly destroying key evidence in the case by purposefully misinterpreting earlier preservation orders by multiple courts, multiple times.

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Update: NSA claims it’s “too complex” to stop destroying years of mass surveillance evidence. Judge reverses decision to allow the government to delete evidence.

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We’re a California based organization that organizes beach cleanups, fundraising events to benefit the creation of marine protected areas, and foster responsible use and stewardship of our coastline.

We just started our FB group, and are looking to spread the word about our conservation activities and get more people to participate in our upcoming beach cleanup events. Could you please help spread the word? 


DEA blackmailed doctors with ties to medical marijuana – reports

The Drug Enforcement Administration allegedly threatened doctors associated with medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts, telling them they would lose their federal license to dispense medications unless they severed ties with marijuana companies.

At least three doctors told The Boston Globe and MassLive.com that DEA agents visited their homes or offices with ultimatums. The alleged visits highlight tension between federal law, which prohibits the use of marijuana, and various state laws that have allowed the sale and use of medical and non-medicinal marijuana. Massachusetts voters agreed to allow medical use of marijuana in the state in 2012.

Dr. Samuel Mazza, on the board of a medical marijuana dispensary, told the Globe that he found multiple messages on his answering machine and a DEA business card on his home door upon returning from vacation in February.

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