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Or, More News About Mexico That No One’s Reading

A band of gunmen killed an environmental activist who had received death threats for standing up to drug gangs and had a police guard when she was ambushed in southern Mexico, authorities said Thursday.

Juventina Villa Mojica, whose husband and two children were killed last year, died in a hail of bullets along with her 10-year-old son Wednesday in a mountainous area of the state, Guerrero state prosecutors said in a statement…

Villa and her late husband, Ruben Santana Alonso, had led for more than 20 years a group of farmers in the village of La Laguna, which is part of the municipality of Coyuca de Catalan. The area is ridden by drug traffickers who have been seeking to expand their marijuana and opium-poppy fields…

The Guerrero state-based Tlachinollan Center for Human Right said in a statement that the slaying of Villa and her son could have been avoided if state authorities “had heard the cries of the victims of this violence that is blinding the life of poor and helpless families.”

“The failure of authorities to act and the impunity that reigns in the region have resulted in this unstoppable violence where organized crime groups have imposed their law through terror,” the center said.

The state government said in a statement late Thursday that the area has suffered from longstanding problems that pre-date the current administration, which has been in office since early 2011…”

(Image from Vatican Radio)

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